This is the “Hello, world” for this site, which started 1st January 2023. Earlier posts that haven't “graduated” have been imported.

I've still not found my ideal ActivityPub enabled blogging platform yet. I have been running Plume for about six months at It looks great, but the author has largely stopped updating it and it has some significant issues that I can no longer tolerate.

I tried WriteFreely previously and found it was just that bit too minimal – not least because the ActivityPub support does not include replies, so when readers comment from their timelines I simply don't see it and yet they are not told so, giving the impression I'm ignoring them. But rather than install a non-ActivityPub tool, I have decided to give it another try, especially as WriteFreely is being actively developed so that it's shortcomings will hopefully be addressed.

One serious issue is these tools have no migration support, so all the people following at will need to re-follow, and all the old posts there can only be manually migrated. Unlike Plume, WriteFreely has no media support so I will have to host online images somewhere.

All first-world problems. I am privileged to be free to be an early adopter.

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